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Our Roundtable

What is a "Paladin"?

In history, paladins were noble warriors serving as guardians of the weak and vulnerable. They were protectors and champions for a cause greater than themselves.

We think paladins are still around – but now we wear modern uniforms like kevlar, turn outs, and scrubs. That’s why we dedicated our firm to serving First Responders.

Paladins stood for integrity, respect, and discipline. They lived by a strict code of honor. We apply these same values to everything we do for our Members. 

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We want you to be involved in every decision; this is why we refer to our meetings as "Roundtable" style because there is no "Table head" or "Boss" when we're together. Financial Planning is a team effort.

Everyone is present and has equal input, and we want you to feel like a member of our family practice.

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From our interview with Coty Barker, Chief Executive Officer: "The trend today is to post a countdown clock on social media, cross your fingers, and sign the dotted line on your retirement papers when the clock hits zero. That's retirement to most people. A few years into retirement, suddenly, you're broke and back to work wondering what happened. 

Unfortunately, I've seen people with 25 to 30 years of service crushed by their finances because of simple and avoidable investing mistakes. When the IRS says you owe them $30,000 because you withdrew your entire 457(b), it's a bad day... and that happens way more often than you think. That's why we do what we do.

Retirement in our line of work happens because of two reasons, by choice, or by medical necessity. If you plan ahead early enough, anyone can have a happy, healthy, wealthy retirement, or you can roll the dice. Me? I'm not a gambler!"

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