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Our Services

We have two lines of service. Investment Management and Financial Planning. We do not earn any commissions or have affiliations with third parties or insurance companies. We are not compensated in any way other than our fee that we agree upon.

Investment Management



Mutual Funds

Managed Accounts

Retail Accounts

Traditional & ROTH IRAs


Treasury Notes, Bills, & Govt. Securities

Annuities (Fee-Based)

Rebalancing & Withdrawal Strategies

Portfolio Concentration & Risk Analysis 

Asset Allocation Analysis

Inheritance & Windfall Investment Analysis

Financial Planning 

Retirement Plans

457(b), 401(k), & 403(b) Planning

IRA Rollover Strategies

Education & 529 Planning

Federal and State Income Tax Analysis

Estate Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Debt Repayment Analysis

Emergency Fund Planning

Mortgage & Refinance Analysis

Budgeting Analysis

Retirement Income Strategies

Insurance Analysis

In our pursuit of being completely transparent, we happily disclose our fees. 

Our AUM (Assets Under Management) fee for investment management is based on account size, management style, and ranges from 0.75-1.25%.

Our Financial Planning fees are based on complexity and range from $600-$3,000 annually per household.

We are members of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce and use their building for in-person meetings. 

The next page will detail our process and expectations from you.